One of the most mesmerizing buildings when you come along Marina Bay, Singapore is The Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. This eye catching and awesome establishment has a roof that resembles the durian fruit. It was indeed artistically and carefully designed to make the appearance as unique as possible to attract thousands of travelers.

Photo lovers can bring along with them their newest camera to capture the most captivating view of the building. They try as many angels as they want to get the perfect shots.

A Closer Look Inside the Esplanade

The Esplanade is complete with modern facilities for a variety of purposes. It has big spaces for world-class performances, meeting venues and it also provides services for other arts related activities such as visual arts presentation and exhibits.


Inside the building is a very big Concert Hall which can accommodate 1600 people. As a matter of fact, the orchestral platform alone is able to hold numerous musicians, 120 musicians to be specific. As to the interior design of the Concert Hall, there is a movable canopy above which serves as a sound reflector for the musicians to hear themselves onstage and to get the fitted acoustics for the event. Another very impressive feature is the concert hall’s pipe organ that contains a total of 4740 pipes and 61 stops. It really helps in the achievement of high class performances. As for the safety, audiences and visitors have less to worry because the hall is equipped with easy access doors in case of emergency evacuation.

Another spectacular place inside the Esplanade is the Theatre. This theatre caters various types of onstage performances. It is very huge that it can accommodate up to 2000 guests. The farthest seat from the stage is 40 meters so it is assured that all guests will have a clear view of the performances even if they are seated at the back.

Other significant rooms inside the Esplanade are the Recital Studio, Theatre studio, Jendela and library@esplanade. The Recital Studio is a good place for small scale musical performances and for presentations and meetings wherein the number of expected guests is only less than 250. The Theatre Studio is a small venue for experimental theatre and dance presentations. It can hold up to 220 audiences. While the library@esplanade is the first public library in Singapore primarily devoted to the performing arts. And the Jendela caters presentations of visual arts and exhibits from local, regional to international collections.

So now, what are we waiting for, come and visit Singapore and spend time at The Esplanade. Your every minute there will truly be unforgettable.