Earned and crowned as “WORLD BUILDING OF THE YEAR” at the World Architectural Festival 2012, Garden at the Bay is really something that the government of Singapore has achieved.  It is one of great tourist spot and national icon, a pride of Singaporeans. With almost 183 million which the government invested on this project, it can simply jump to the conclusion that “it really worth the cost”!

Just ten days after opening last June 29 2012, Garden at the Bay was visited by 220,000 people. They said that Garden at the Bay was expected to one of Singapore’s top tourist spot and about 5 million visitors per year were expected to visit and witnesses this one of the most technologically advanced and biggest man made garden in the world.

Residents of Singapore, visitors and people living in highly urbanized country may now experience, what Southeast Asia people experiences and usually enjoys. Inside this Garden is like a tropical rainforest, waterfall streaming down which the designer called “mountain” on the side of downtown. What’s tricky is to reach the peak of this 35-meter mountain; you don’t need to climb anymore. There are lifts that are ready to use for you to get to top, but for some it is great adventure just to take a walk in air-conditioned garden.

Either you visitor of  Marina Bay sand or checking in one hotel in Marina Bay, Garden at the bay is just a more or less 5 minutes walk and eventually you can have a great experience their.  Garden at the Bay has its 3 major parts- Central Bay, South bay And East Bay. Central Bay acts as link between South Bay and East Bay. It is  15 hectares  with a 3-kilometre  waterfront promenade where you can have a winding walk while take a glance with the very tantalizing view from the city centre to the east side of Singapore.

East Bay is 32 hectares and has 2 kilometer promenade frontage. Different styles and types pavilions, tropical palm trees, lush lawns, and natural blossoms of some kinds of plants can be seen here and this place is a very suitable place for picnics, outings and even dating. This serves as decoration to Marina Reservoir.

Most of all is the South Bay, which contains Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome, which is known as the second large conservatory.  South bay has total measures of 54 hectares.

There you can have a glance of the Supertrees, which serves as home for rare, exotic and unique ferns, vines, orchids and also collection of bromeliads. These supertrees are also used in collecting rainwater that serves as fountain display and irrigation, and used as intake and exhaust or air for air-conditioning the conservatories.

Between the two larger supertrees, OBC Skyway can be found. OCBC Skyway is an elevated walkway, designed for visitors to enjoy a breathtaking and tantalizing aerial view of the Gardens. Supertrees also display a lively light at night and music show OCBC Garden Rhapsody.

Aside from that breathtaking views and great man made handscrafts, transportation there is also very accessible. With these things that Garden at the Bay were offering we can really say that “it’s worth the price.”